A Little History

In 2003, after working my way up through the ranks to an executive position in the high tech world, I found myself, as many others, without gainful employ and faced with fundamental questions to be answered. In a different place and a different time, you would just go find another job. But I decided to take some time and do something I really enjoyed. The Salty Don is the result.

It provided me with the respite and renewal necessary to ongoing success. Since then I've enjoyed both the excitement of the high tech world and the pure joy of a creative outlet separate and distinct from those pressures. 

Luckily I have a wonderful wife who has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. Together with her and a (somewhat) understanding son I face the future with enthusiasm and love. 

Over the years The Salty Don has been a constant in my life.  It is not my whole life but it fulfills that need for creative outlet and for genuine interaction with people at farmers' markets and other events.

Those years have seen the product line grow to include many salt-free products as well as the blends of smoked salt that made The Salty Don popular.

Hope you enjoy!